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I'm a specialist Business Developer and Project Manager with more than 6 years of experience in this sector with global organizations. I've successfully impacted more than 900 people which I personally lead, designed learning cycles, created and ran projects and in its purest form, changed the environment I lived in. 

If I caught your attention, then read on...
I'm at a point in my life where I need to go back to doing something meaningful, working for a company looking to change the world and also a place where my crazy obsession for growing people and businesses can be put to good use. 
My ambition in the next 10 years is to open my own international school and I really believe that under my motto \"Impossible is just another objective to achieve\", a company's projects and later on, its overall growth will shake the world. 
Detectify ABBusiness Developer2016 - 2017
Part of the "sales setting-up" team, offering web security services to a global customer base.
NonStop EducationRecruitment Consultant2016 - 2016
NonStop matches the best people with the right positions. We're committed to sourcing the top careers, offering you honest advice and sharing practical tips. Our specialist consultants' in-depth understanding of the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Care, Education and Clinical Research industries, combined with the huge range of vacancies and clients we cover, means we can help you to achieve superb results in your chosen career.
AIESECFounder, National VP, National Manager2010 - 2014
 Managing the Business Development processes for the organization with the size from 60 to 3000 people  Managing the Recruitment and HR processes for the same organizations  Building and managing teams towards ambitious visions supported by clear MOS & KPIs