Business strategy
Problem solving
Investor relations

Outgoing and hardworking, and enjoy spending my time solving challenges together with interesting people; develop organizations and businesses, work towards a more sustainable world, apply new technology, organize events and simply having fun along the way! Focus on the ‘here and now’ while always considering the long view. Particular strong interest in adopting new technologies to solve existing challenges in a new way.

DOF Subsea ASP.A. for CEO / CFO2012 - 2016
Personal Assistant to the CEO and CFO, supporting daily operations, commercial coordination and tender analyses, investment analyses, financial modelling, reporting, investor relations and communication, improvement projects and general projects within the Executive Management team. ASManaging director & co-founder2009 - 2012 is the primary and most influential marketing channel towards students in Norway, providing companies the perfect opportunity to reach out to young people. This is the best stage to influence their preferences. During the first 3.5 years, Studentkortet reached 50 000 active members, representing approx. 30 % of the potential market, and had 30+ customers. The company was sold in February 2014.
Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)MSc Finance, 2007 - 2012