Specialist in new Addiction Medicine
Specialist in Traumatheraphy
Developing Treatment Programs
Personal development
project managment
Healthcare Development
Social entrepreneur
Addiction program development

Drive and passion on developing new and inovative healthcare solutions for addiction and family treatment. Im a specialist in addiction medicine and have been working as a founder and treatment manager for many years in Norway´s best treatment Centers. Im the co-founder of Sincero Health, Norway´s most leading online substance abuse clinic. 

Sincero HelsePartner & Treatment Manager2015 - Current

12 Trinn Kurs og Kompetanse SenterTreatment Manager2014 - 2015

Addiktolog TerapiCEO2008 - 2015
Outpatient Treatment for substance abuse
12 Trinn Kurs og Kompetanse SenterAddiction Counseler2013 - 2014

IncitaProject Leader2011 - 2012
Responsible for startup of a new treatment center
Fria Universitetet i NordenBachelor, 2009 - 2012
Addiction Specialist
Gestalt Theraphy