Fitness24SevenSite Responsible2014 - Current
As the role of SR you manage the gym all by yourself. Everything, ranging from sanitary duties of the premises, sales, purchases, working towards a budget, and alot more, is performed by myself. I also decide how to plan my hours to make sure everything gets taken care of.
Freelance workWeb Design Freelancer2015 - Current
As a side gig, I am pursuing freelance work with web design. I started doing it since I found out I've got a knack for informative design and easily comprehended layouts.
Fitness24SevenSR - Additional2016 - Current
Working alongside the customer service department of F24S and have done certain jobs to facilitate customer interaction, creating a better communication funnel, and help the company adapt to the mindset of our customer base.
FounderFounder2014 - Current
During he last several years I've tried my hands on a range of different business opportunities (easy and informal recurring work for youths, a screentime inhibition app, crowd lending tools). Currently I'm working on affiliate business as well as slowly building an e-commerce store.
Danderyds GymnasiumUtexaminerad, Naturvetenskap Internationell Inr.2009 - 2012
En utbildning inom naturvetenskap med tung inriktning på det engelska språket. En mycket krävande utbildning som lärt mig disciplin och inta komplex information.