ABBLead Engineer2013 - Current
Roles & Responsibilities: Engineering Lead for Kårstø Gas Plant Control System (PSD-F&G-ESD): • Overall Lead Engineer for modification/service projects at Kårstø Processing Plant • Coach for Lead, Senior and Junior engineers working in projects for Kårstø Processing Plant • Technical Advisor for Bid & Proposal and TAM • Technical responsible for Kårstø Control System in coop with TAM • Maintain continuous competence of the plant • Maintain continuous competence test system • Technical coordination between projects • Knowledge of laws and regulations for the plant • Follow up for technical service desk cases for the plant in cooperation with TAM Authority: • Propose technical solutions for Kårstø Plant • Quality assurance of technical documents in connection with Kårstø. Communication: • Technical Account Manager for Kårstø Gas Plant • Technical personnel at Statoil and contractors • Safety advisor in projects with Safety scope • Project Managers and system responsible in projects for Kårstø • Section Managers • Specialist lead OGP • Account Manager for Kårstø