Team work
business development
sport science
project management

Katapult Accelerator Program Manager2017 - Current
Program Manager for Katapult Accelerator
Bakken & Bæck Trainee2016 - 2017
Trainee / Business Analyst at Bakken & Bæck, a digital design and development company located in Oslo, Amsterdam & Bonn.
Adecco NorgeCEO2016 - 2016
Amongst 3500 applicants, I was chosen for the summer job as CEO for one month at Adecco Norway.
NTNUStudent assistant, Venture Cup2016 - 2016
Venture Cup Norway is a non-profit business plan competition that aims to support tomorrow's entrepreneurs, and to facilitate the establishment of new businesses. Together with our partners we create a platform where we connect students with industry, academia and the public to create sustainable growth businesses for the future with an increased focus on innovation. Through a focused effort on our core activities like business plan competition, skills training, mentoring and networking, we want the students who have taken part in Venture Cup to look at starting their own business as an achievable and desirable career direction. As a student assistant in Venture Cup I have the responsibility of coaching the students, as well as giving feedback on their business plans. My goal is to support and motivate the students in their work with their business development, and especially in writing their business plans. Based on my own experiences with the start-up company ChemFree, which I am Co-Founder of, I am sure that my competence, expertise and commitment to business development will help the students in the right direction. Last year we won the part of Venture Cup "Grøn Dyst", which is a part of the business plan competition in cooperation with the Danish Technical University, and in Copenhagen in June we won two of the main prices with ChemFree. I am also responsible for the social media of Venture Cup Midt-Norge.
SiT IdrettPersonal trainer (PT)2013 - 2016
As a Personal Trainer my goal is to always help my clients structuring their everyday life, and to help them become aware of the health benefits of the interaction between physical activity, exercise and a normal and healthy diet. Together we define goals for a long-term and safe way towards a healthier life, with partial goals that will motivate and ensure constant progress. My role is to be an active supporter, role model and coach along the way. I always aim to bring out the best in my clients, to help making them confident in how and why it is absolutely vital to implement exercise and physical activity in their everyday life, regardless of how busy and how much one has to do.
SiT IdrettInstructor2011 - 2016
Spinning + aerobic
ChemFree TechnologyCo Founder2015 - 2016
The development of the ChemFree Technology is done in a cooperation between students from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, a researcher from SINTEF and SINTEF TTO. The ChemFree Technology is a brand new and revolutionary technology for cleaning up marine oil spills. The concept behind the technology is mechanical dispersion, which means that we only use high pressure water and applies this on to the oil slick. The oil molecules are then crushed into tiny, tiny particles, which naturally occurring bacterias in the sea can degrade. With no surrounding logistics, no use of chemicals and no need for containment equipment, this method for cleaning up marine oil spills is both more effective, has a lower cost and are much more environmentally friendly than todays existing methods. Full scale testing of the prototype has been done, and the results so fare are very promising.
NTNU School of EntrepreneurshipMaster of Science, Entrepreneurship, innovation and business development2014 - 2016
In June I finished my masters degree in entrepreneurship and technology management. I wrote my masters thesis about sustainable business models.