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Hello there!

Being a Maritime Archaeologist certainly sounds adventurous, but there isn't much space in the Danish market for an army of underwater researchers! For this reason, I am choosing to hang up my diving gear, and would like to offer your start-up the very best of my creative capabilities for working on dry land.

Me & My Work Experience:
I have worked as a freelance editor, blog manager and I've had various hospitality-related jobs, that shape me to communicate with clients with a strong sense of friendly professionalism. In addition to excellent language use, I am attentive to detail, work well within a team while still industriously independent, and my "go-get-it" attitude would make me a goal-orientated new addition to your team.

As a researcher, I am capable of collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative data sets, conducting interviews, writing reports, corresponding by email, organising logistics, and I familiar with drawing conclusions from trends and feedback with regards to user research.

I am a native-English speaker, former language teacher, and a creative writer, which means that I am equipped to target different audiences, offer them something new or peak their curiosity, especially in the case of creating content for a website/blog.

I recognise the need to balance text and visuals, static and interactive content, and the importance of building an online presence, hence I could also benefit your communications and web design department. My university professor once described me as having a "colourful writing" style, which makes even the most scientific research paper easy and enjoyable to read!

Me & My Work Ethic:
My personal background (growing up in South East Asia as a child, and Europe as an adult) shapes me to be an open-minded people-orientated person. I am adaptive to new working environments and enjoy working with and alongside dynamic personalities. Furthermore, I am always willing to lend a helping hand and I am empathetic towards others' needs, which means that I look for sustainable solutions that help the individual without letting down the team. 

Me @ The Moment:
As a Dane, whose upbringing abroad makes me somewhat 'foreign' in Denmark, job-hunting is proving to be challenging, but I am determined, hard-working, and I am open to learning new skills, which is why I take online tutorials (digital illustration, graphic design, Photoshop, etc.), and study Danish in addition to my job search. Jeg prøver at udvikler min dansksprog evner så hurtigt som muligt! 

If its sound like my profile could match a position within your start up company, or even if it seems like I have the bubbly personality you believe you could work happily with, I am eager to hear from you!

Best of regards, 

Best Destination Partner (BDP)
Tour Operator for Cruise Lines
2017 - Current
Responsibilities: • Reception and administration of tour logistics • Oral communication of historic and present-day facts • Leading tours by bus, canal boat and walking • Responsible for tourists’ safety and well-being during tours Results: • Organised check-in/-out at the cruise ship terminal and airport • Promotion of Copenhagen as a desirable destination
Vikingeskibemuseet / Viking Ship Museum (Roskilde, Denmark).
Archaeologist / Assistant
2016 - 2016
Responsibilities: • Preparation of diving gear, working area and equipment for underwater excavation operations on board museum's research vessel • Stone Age artefact identification and management Results: • Streamlined working processes • Archaeological artefacts packaged and labelled for museum research
Enøbageri (Enø, Denmark).
Medarbejder (Praktikant) til at udvikler mundtlig dansksprog evner
2016 - 2016
Responsibilities: • Preparation and sale of bakery, ice cream and café menu items • Venue preparation for daily operations and large events Results: • Improvement of my verbal Danish communication skills • Friendly face-to-face relay of product information and recommendations • Maintenance of high standards of display and visual merchandising
Freelance (UK, Spain, Denmark)
Proof-Reader / Copy-Editor
2013 - 2015
Responsibilities: • Proof-reading dissertations/articles for Masters and PhD students • Suggested sentence modifications and alternative vocabulary • Working towards client deadlines • Quick correspondence (email and Skype) Results: • Contributions to various publications on diverse themes (e.g.: human-computer interaction, thermodynamics, transnational education, migration policies, etc.) • Increased client referrals and customer loyalty
Center for Underwater Archaeology / Centro de Arqueología Subacuática (Cádiz, Spain).
Visiting Researcher
2015 - 2015
Responsibilities: • Research for my Masters thesis about how effectively museums in Cádiz communicate the need to protect Underwater Cultural Heritage • Preparation, photography and packaging of artefacts for transfer to the Museum of Cádiz for the ‘Puerto Bahía de Cádiz’ exhibition (July 2015) • Artefact collection and storeroom management • Contribution to the 2015 CAS course on underwater prospection methods Results: • Top marks for an original and well-written thesis • Material was successfully integrated ‘Puerto Bahía de Cádiz’ exhibition • Photo archive, excel spread sheets and storage room arrangement enabled Doctoral research • Animated presentation slides, outlined underwater prospections methods, in the 2015 CAS course
Ghillie Dhu – Pub, Restaurant & Event Venue (Edinburgh, UK).
Waiting and Events
2013 - 2014
Responsibilities: • Receiving food/beverage orders, table service, and bartending • Relaying menu content, knowledge of venue and events, and recommendations • Banquet hall preparation for events, e.g.: weddings, birthdays, tour groups, etc. Results: • Frequently earned Ghillie Dhu good reviews on Trip Advisor • Regularly selected to serve VIP guests in recognition for customer service and problem-solving skills
Syddansk Universitet / Statens Maritima Museer (Älgö, Sweden).
Editor & Site Plan Manager,
2014 - 2014
Responsibilities: • Editing the official research report for Swedish authorities (Statens Maritima Museer) to outline the SDU Maritime Archaeology team’s intentions for Älgö wreck site • Manager of the site plan; joined and drew segment recordings and digitised full site plan • Planning of field school logistics and shared site management responsibilities • Regular contributions to the Maritime Archaeology Blog ( Results: • A structured and consistent report, modified to accommodate the work of ten authours • A coherent visual of the wreck site for the 2014 Älgö field school publication • Organised work site and personnel, flexible for delays and/or incidents • Spread of public awareness regarding underwater field work carried out by SDU
Grand Skylight International Hotel via AIESEC Global Interns, (Ganzhou, China).
Foreign Guest Relations Officer & English Teacher
2013 - 2013
Responsibilities: • Receptionist duties - Check in/out, collection of guest feedback, customer complaints, etc. • Teaching English Language to the Reception Staff • Editing PR materials and letter/email responses to foreign guests • Promoting Hotel events to foreign investors with the marketing team Results: • Reception learned and applied English language skills to check-in/out procedures • Customer feedback collation influenced positive changes in customer service quality
Southern University of Denmark
MA, Maritime Archaeology
2013 - 2016
Focus: Heritage Dissemination in the Museum Context Thesis: Messages in Museum Displays for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: A Case-Study of coastally-situated Museums in Cádiz (Spain)
University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)./Universidad de Sevilla (Sevilla, Spain).
BA, Anthropology and Spanish
2007 - 2011
BA in Anthropology and Spanish with year abroad, University of Sussex (Brighton, UK) Focus: Anthropology of the Body and Museum Studies Thesis: Plastinate my Body? Of Corpse not!: Comparative Perspectives of Body Donation and the “Body Worlds” Museum
Li Po Chun United World College (UWC)
(IB Diploma), International Baccalaureate
2005 - 2007
Higher Level: Geography, English, and Visual Arts | IB Extended Essay: Geography Standard Level: Biology, Mathematics, and Mandarin (Chinese)
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