Natasa Arandjelovic
About me
My name is Nataša Arandjelovic, I am from Slovenia and now I living in Oslo. I like Oslo so much, for me this is one of the most beautiful city on the world. Because of that I started with living in Oslo. In my CV you can see that I finished college for Management, high school for Administration and that I had a lot of work practices and experience in marketing. One of them was in Norway for learning English and one of work practice was in Germany. In my free time I like to travel, so I visited a lot of cities and many countries. I like to meet new people, new traditional of that country and for me this is the best thing what you can do for yourself. I am person who like to smile and to have a lot of friends. :)
Escape Entertainment
Game master
2015 - 2016
⦁Organization team buildings ⦁ Marketing organization ⦁ Communication on English
Digital Agency CreITIve Belgrade, Dubai
professional practice/ Community manager
2015 - 2015
⦁ Create Internet Marketing Ideas ⦁ Approach Strategy on Internet ⦁ Market research ⦁ Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. ⦁ Facebook Adds ⦁ Google AdWords ⦁ SEO ⦁ Copywriting ⦁ Content Writing
Travel agency 'Rapsody Travel'
2012 - 2015
The recognition of opportunities for improvement of the agency, as well as any business problems in the market ⦁ Careful monitoring of the progress of marketing of the agencie in the market and informing the superior of the same ⦁ Direct communication with potential travelers, as well as providing necessary information
The project of the City of Nis 'Nisomnia', Cultural Centre Nis
Volunteer work
2013 - 2014
⦁ Working closely with senior management to identify potential business opportunities ⦁ Contributing to the development of new ideas ⦁ Participation in the project through the assessment and definition of the creative design of promotional materials
Business seminar about marketing and sales- Foundations of European Union
2015 - 2015
Business seminar about innovations- Foundations of European Union
2015 - 2015
Business seminar about financial- Foundations of European Union
2015 - 2015
The Faculty of Management
Graduate manager,
2010 - 2014
Administrative office school
business Administrator- experiment,
2007 - 2010
Mercedes- Benz, Stuttgart, Germany
Professional practice,
2009 - 2009
⦁ Getting to know the way of business, marketing, organization and coordination of employees ⦁ Detailed monitoring of the process of production of cars ⦁ Understanding the key differences, improvement and development of cars on the examples of Mercedes- Benz A-Class and Mercedes-Benz B-Class ⦁ Writing reports, making presentations in English in Power Point
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    Oslo, Norway


    Product management
    Project management


    ⦁ Photoshop
    Digital Marketing
    Social Networks
    Internet marketing
    Facebook ADS
    Content marketing