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I love breaking things. As an Integrated Product Design MS student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, I'm now learning to put things together. This works well for me. 


I obtained my BS in Mechanical Engineering at a liberal arts college and ended up learning much more than just engineering, for which I am grateful only in retrospect. Four years of education on four different continents fed my passion for traveling, though I am only somewhat satiated. My newfound passion for social and environmental sustainability is growing fiercely, and needs more feeding.


To make up for everything I broke growing up, I want to one day work as a Product Designer and eventually Manager. My most ambitious dream involves making toys. 

TietoMaster Thesis Student2017 - Current
In the thesis titled 'Developing a grief recovery tool incorporating AI', a gap in the healthcare & wellbeing sector is identified, and design strategy skills are employed in conjunction with technical knowledge to fill this gap with a service tool designed in response to comprehensive user studies. This project is enabled by extensive assistance from domain experts in service design, human centred design, human computer interaction, and grief recovery.
Core responsibilities include allocating budget for EWB-KTH backed projects and programs, co-ordinating financial partnerships, and ensuring smooth financial running of the organisation.