Social media

Content is me! I am creative and fast thinking! If you need help with creating accurate messages to all kinds of target groups I am the one for you! I have worked with social media, story telling, internal communications and marketing. I am a teamworker, a doer, who need someone to bounce my ideas with. Together we can develop the world, create outstanding campaigns and go a bit crazy!


I uploaded an CV in English, but my best language is Swedish, so is my LinkedIn-page.

KraftringenCommunications Officer2006 - Current
Intranet Manager and responsible for all internal communication channels such as internal information screens, internal newsletters etc. Also working with social media channels and the company website. During 2011-2012 I was the project manager for a large-scaled Intranet developing project when a new publishing system (Episerver) was introduced. I also work with education in CMS and with other communicating issues such as press releases, culture change, crisis communication and communication plans and strategies.