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About"Currently I'm working as a UI/UX Designer at Norigin Media AS. I've studies Opplevelsesproduksjoner og Interaktive medier at University at Hedmark, and one year at University at Bergen for mandarin course. At the same time I studied mandarin, I worked fulltime for Sense Media As and partime for Posten AS. I am a hardworking person who play both in teams and on my own, but also enjoy a quiet nerd gaming day alone. "
Norigin MediaUI/UX Designer2015 - Current
NORIGIN MEDIA is a proudly Scandinavian company providing Over the Top (OTT) TV and video products. The multi-screen TV Apps and Live TV Cloud Encoding platforms are the flagship products. With over a decade of experience in TV and video hosting, Norigin caters to the premium TV services market, offering agnostic scalability, customization, monitoring and expert support services. UX UI Design for multi-platform hybrid apps. (Tablet, Mobile, Desktop, TV). Responsible for: • Leading and managing Norigin Media UI/UX design team • Wireframes and Workflows • Renderings • For better UX(user experience), UI(user interface) and functionality • Branding and Design for the company • Employee training Other div. designs: • Presentations, website design, banners, icons, posters, email posters. Working closely with clients like: • Orange TV Global • Orange TV Spain • Orange TV Romania • Orange TV Poland • Teracom Group Sweden • Teracom Group Denmark • Deutsche Telekom DTAG
BX3 Elektroniske SportsklubbLead Designer2014 - Current
BX3 was founded in 2011 as a Norwegian based gaming organization under the ownership of the Norwegian registered company Seiersten AS. In 2012 BX3 became BX3 Elektroniske Sportsklubb. Leading and managing all design and designers within the group. • Overlays and other images for on and off time for streamers • Logo/Branding • Clothes design • Webdesign • Advertisements/Sales on events • Social Media (Managing Facebook group, banners, profile pictures, content)
Posten NorgeCall Substitute2013 - Current
Norway Post is a Nordic mail and logistics group that develops and delivers complete solutions within postal services, communications and logistics, with the Nordic region as its home market. I'm in the KI apartment, where we organize and sort all the letters and packages from different regions in Norway.
The GatheringFreelance Artist2012 - Current
Info: I am a freelancer who would love to accept work such as; Website, ads (on Google and Facebook), posters, magazines/pamphlets, motion graphics, apps, 3D modeling and animation shorts/movies and everything inbetween the words 3D and animation. ---- Work I have done so far: • Design quick webside page within one and a half hour for a simple competition they are going to hold, 2015. • Designed album cover for an English band called Attica, 2014. • Designed the website, House of Sushi, with Mats Weckhorst. • Designed the websites background for The Gathering 2014. • Designed the logo for the crew, CrewCare at The Gathering, Norway's largest LAN party, 2012. For free. • Designed logo for Rocco Russen 2012. For free. • Designed logo for a crew member at the Gathering, and the Tech group. For free.