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I\nam a software engineer inspired by web development and design. I have\nover 3 years of experience and have a focus on quality and usability\nof web applications. I enjoy working as front-end developer as\nfull-stack JavaScript developer on Node.js. Modern web technologies\nand tools are the best instruments for me to build great\napplications. I graduated with Bachelor's degree in Programming\nEngineering. Currently, I work with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3,\nJavaScript ES6, Node.js and popular frameworks. I also like building\nand improving the front-end architecture. I prefer using React.js to\nbuild isomorphic JavaScript web applications. I also used to write on\nnative JavaScript for a year\n\n\n\n

At\nthe beginning of my career path I was inspired by next projects:

1)\nDeveloped an annual assessments for employees when an employee has to\nassess their line manager and vice versa. ( intranet\nportal)

2)\nDeveloped e-learning courses for such companies as Gazprom, X5 Retail\nGroup (\nand Turkish Bank in Austria.

3)\nRedeveloped design and added functionality to Sochi Olympic Games\n2014 (

After\nI grew up professionally I’ve made more complex applications and\nparts of sites:

1)\nWeb-application for Android\n(\nand iOS.

2)\nLanding pages like these:\nand

3)\nI was envolved in the SPA application development, which uses an\nXML-file uploaded by a user for building reports and graphics based\non the uploaded data (\nUsage of Angular.js framework, RESTful API, C3.js.

4)\nDeveloped the cell phone verification functionality by means of text\nmessages and phone calls needed to confirm certain activities on a\nweb site. (

This\ntime I’m developing an isomorphic web-application similar to Social\nNetwork using the edge of technologies:


AvitoSenior front-end devloper2014 - 2016
• Landing pages. • Email notifications UX-design. • Write functionality using native js and DOM4 library. • Webpack, Gulp, Git, Vagrant, Angular.js, Sketch. • Add functionality and change design for some pages in web-site. • Maintained SPA application procedure development, which uses an XML-file uploaded by a user for building reports and graphics based on the uploaded data. Usage of Angular.js framework, RESTful API, C3.js, D3.js. • Developed of cell phone verification functionality by means of text messages and phone calls needed to confirm certain activities on a web site.
RIA NovostiFront-End Developer2013 - 2014
• Front-end developing for (CSS, JavaScript, Drupal 6.0) • Redevelopment of a design and addition of functionality to Sochi Olympic Games 2014 - • Creation of a web-application for Android ( and iOS.
Programming Engineering
Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicsSpecialist, Production economy2009 - 2014