Mikael Tran
Marketing Graduate
About me

With the ambition for growth, I always strive to learn more each day in order to become better than yesterday - That's why I'm always up for a challenge, driven to succeed and curious about life.

As a motivated and accountable person, I seek to overcome the demands and expectations that has been set since I hate to dissapoint people. Which has helped me to discover the true spirit of being serviceminded in the team and proactive in my work. I dont care who gets the credit, as long as we win!

I have an extensive marketing background from my Master's degree (One year) as well from charity work for the local United Nations organization, where I was positioned as head of marketing. In the strive to further widen my set of skills, I have had the opportunity to work in the field of finance and accounting while also strenghtening the analytical mind and proving my high learning curve.

Finance Assistant
2014 - 2016
- Monitoring and reporting of costs versus budgets. Ranging from operating expenditures for several departments within NORMA Sweden AB and the holding company DNL Sweden AB, customer bonuses, quality costs, freight costs as well as information and communications technology (ICT) costs on both monthly and quartely basis. - The overall accounts payable process, from registration to approved invoices. - Budget processing of OPEX costs. - Administrative responsibilities of a reception role. - Implementation of several efficiency projects in different areas. Ranging from value map streaming, digitalization of the accounts payable process and applying lean thinking in the reporting procedure. - Presentation and education of newcomers to the approval process of invoices in the digital accounts payable process. - Member of the EMEA news group.
Växjö FN-Förening
Head of Marketing
2013 - 2014
Resoponsible for marketing the association and our events, discovering new channels and recruiting new members, creating content and updating our social media profile as well as webpage to drive trafic.
Master of Science (M.Sc.) One Year with specialization in Marketing, Business Administration with specialization in Marketing
2013 - 2014
With language of instruction in English. Course syllabus has included: - Business Development - Business Development by Innovation, Product Development and Product Revision - International Marketing Strategy - Independent Degree Project: Online Loyalty Program & Type Identification - Emperical study concerning Swedish online basedloyalty programs & type identification.
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) with specialization in Marketing, Business Administration with specialization in Marketing
2010 - 2013
With language of instruction in English. Course syllabus has included: - Fundamentals of Business Administration for Marketers - From the Perspective of the Customer - Introduction to Economics for Marketers - Marketing Strategy - The Offering - Management Control and Finance - Extra-Legal Obligations and Conflict Resolution Founded in Different Cultures - Introduction to International Law - Advanced Technical Sales - Independent Degree Project of the Marketing Program with Integrated Method: Performance, A product of Planning? - Strategic Planning and its Implications among Swedish Manufacturing SMEs








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