Project management
Risk management
Fram Marine ASSenior Consultant2015 - Current
Has since October 2015 had a partnership with FRAM Marine to perform Management Consulting related projects. We perform business process review, due diligence, concept selection, etc. Feel free to contact me for any questions. PROCESS REVIEW Performed an initial business process review for a medium sized Norwegian company. The company have expanded rapidly the last couple of years, and were investigating what changes were needed to improve their internal processes. DUE DILIGENCE Supporting a due diligence project were the client has purchased an oil and gas development project on the NCS. The work relates to assessing and following up on the project progress.
MoonWaveMedia ASFounder2015 - Current
MoonWaveMedia had its early start in 2010, but was founded as a company in Norway in October 2015. The purpose of the company is to develop and publish information and entertainment through apps and webpages, in addition to performing external consulting services. Our latest project was an interactive iOS application made for Norway's first and largest tattoo and piercing shop (Oslo Bodyart Studio) which can be downloaded at: