About"I am a third year student at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and my goal is to find an exciting job for the summer between June 20th and August 12th. \n\nMy place in a startup could be almost anything as I am eager to learn and willing to work a lot, as long as I find the idea and people interesting. I am an analytical person and my strength within my current economic degree is mathematics and statistics. We work a lot with case solving in consulting, which I have done the whole time I have been studying at NHH.\n\nLastly I have gained more senior positions in the organisations I am in, because I get engaged and I have a vision of how I can improve the current situation. These positions include chairman of the student consulting corporation at NHH, as well as being the leader for the school's swimming team consisting of 30 students."
NHHS ConsultingConsultant2013 - Current
NHHS Consulting is a student-run consulting company at NHH. We performs various types of analysis for external companies and for internal groups in the student union.
NHHS ConsultingChairman2016 - Current
As chairman my main responsibility is to gather the board of directors and develop the long-term strategy. This entails keeping a continuous dialogue with the management of NHHS Consulting and having in-depth knowledge about the company.
Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH)Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 2013 - Current
Selected electives - Spanish Language - Culture and Society in the Hispanic World - Calculus and Linear Algebra
Universidad de Buenos AiresCorporate Social Responsibility, 2013 - 2013
The course lasted one semester and gave me insight in the way businesses should apply CSR. This was pitched in a way to see that there is a business case with CSR, otherwise no big corporations would implement it.