StatoilAgile / Lean advisor2014 - Current
Coaching, training and assistance with Lean and Agile methods and their implementation across the whole of Statoil IT. Worked with numerous Leaders and IT teams to encourage adoption of Lean and Agile practices as a part of both improvement, innovation and cost saving initiatives.
StatoilProduct Owner and Task Manager Integration.2012 - Current
Financially and operationally responsible for deliveries from the integration team in Statoil. Responsible for integration development deliveries, strategy, architecture and advisory. Includes enabling for successful deliveries and followup with 3rd party vendors in instances where responsibilities have been outsourced.
Flip Web AppsFounder2011 - Current
Founder and developer of a company providing application and game development both Android Native, iOS Native, cross platform HTML and Unity3D - Created and released several commercial assets for Unity 3D including Game Framework for Unity and Beautiful Transitions. - Created several games: Flip Web News, A Bird Called Mike, Air Hockey Dreams, Space Minesweeper, ... - Created a multitasking MVVM based financial quote downloading software (quotedownloader) for use with technical analysis of financial instruments.
Nei til mer bompenger (political party)Founding member. Stand-in council / district represantative2015 - Current
Helped setup and establish the political party 'Nei til mer bompenger' that after only 5 months gained an impressive 3 seats in the local September 2015 elections. The parties aim is to promote fairness equality and innovation. Roles included contributing ideas, facilitation of workshops to create the party program / political platform, and also design of printed and social media for the election campaign.
StatoilPrincipal Analyst - Data Scientist2016 - Current
Team facilitator and member of Statoil's data science team