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About"«Those crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the only ones who ever will.»\n\nI am a high performer with an extreme eagerness to learn new things. Worked with digital marketing and digital business models for several years. My passion is solving problems. I'm very value-driven, and I choose to dedicate my time towards causes I find important."
Ørvik InnovationGeneral Manager2015 - Current
Ørvik Innovation delivers educational services within innovation, e-business and digital marketing. Speaker for hire.
TimelyHead of Growth2016 - Current
I analyze, make predictive models, and employ a number of growth hacking tactics to make sure we have exponential growth in users and paying customers, while keeping churn to a minimum. I use whatever means most suited to achieve growth objectives. From statistical modeling and machine learning techniques, to guerrilla marketing, SEO, SEM, e-mail, programmatic advertising and content marketing.
MoonwalkHead of Growth/Marketing2014 - 2016
* Growth hacking; Attracted traffic and converted them into customers without marketing budgets. * PR: Built a network of journalists, planned PR strategy, and got multiple publications. * Sales: Sold Moonwalk to top-level executives and other potential partners. * Business development: Developed several business models in cooperation with participants. * Workshops: Led innovation workshops for students and entrepreneurs. * Events: Organized multiple events (up to 170 participants). * Web development: Moonwalk's websites and a crowdfunding platform with CSS/jQuery. * Video production: Shot and edited several promotional videos. * LinkedIn recruitment: Used job listings and LinkedIn ads to attract applicants/customers.
JerniaGruppen / CenturieHead of Digital2012 - 2015
Centurie owns and runs store chains targeting consumers in Scandinavia, in addition to suppliers in the same categories. Centurie had a turnover of 3,5 BNOK in 2013. One of Centurie's strongest brands and largest store chain - Jernia - has about 150 retail stores, and more than 60 years of history in Norway. My job was managing Jernia's digital marketing and e-commerce/multichannel efforts as head of the digital department. Leading a team of 4 skilled and dedicated specialists, working to achieve Jernia's goals of being the preferred destination for people who are passionate about their home. I was also the project manager responsible for getting Jernia's website and e-commerce platform from a completely clean slate to an advanced e-commerce and digital marketing channel. Together with some of Scandinavia's finest programmers and designers we were able to achieve this in record time, despite limited budgets and limited internal manpower. Highlights: * Increased year-on-year e-commerce conversion rate with more than 1000%. * Year-on-year e-commerce revenue increased by 5X. * Jernia's customer loyalty program number of members increased by 3X. ASOnline Marketing Manager2011 - 2012
Responsible for all online marketing activities for the e-commerce site, a cooperation between the leading e-commerce company in the Nordics (Komplett Group) and Norway's leading hardware store chain (Jernia).
Komplett GroupWeb specialist2009 - 2011
Responsible of all aspects of 1-1 communication at Including Search Engine Marketing, social media and email marketing. Side function: Coordination of new web functions for with the Komplett developers.
BI Norwegian Business SchoolMarket Economist, 2011 - 2014
Studying part time at BI in addition to working full time made me able to instantly apply new knowledge to the workplace every day, and gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum.