About"21 year old girl living in Oslo, currently with my parents. Im a freelance photagrapher , and filmmaker with hope to one day make a living out of it. Ive been working with allot of different people, artists, designers, dancers, and brands. Im trying to make a name for my self, i takes time, and allot of hard work, but I feel like Im getting there! \n\nIve always loved to paint, but just for fun. But this july (2016) I hosted my own art show, with four other artist! Now I paint all the time, and now and then people wants to buy it, which is supersuper amazing. Im going to study Art Direction at Westerdals ACT, starting this spring. Im so eager to learn new things, and Im dying to get experiences like this. Ive always been creative, and my head is always filled with ideas. I cant wait to learn more about how to make them alive! \n\nIm dedicated, curios, always very happy, and cooperative!! And I would really enjoy being a part of this experience. "
FRIDAYS Foodrunner/Waitress2016 -