Natural Language Processing
Information retrieval
Text mining
Data visualization

Young data science graduate, seeking for an opportunity to succeed in data analysis and visualization field.
I have almost 2 years of professional experience as an Analyst/Project Manager at Artics Internet Solutions - a performance marketing agency, where I successfully administered a number of projects. As an analyst, I was also responsible for reporting and conducting advertising campaigns data analysis. Further, I have an experience of data visualization while working as a data mining intern at LARCA Research group, where I developed a tool for interactive visualization of temporal disease progression patterns and cancer data plotting.

LARCA Research groupData mining Intern2016 - 2016
­ Trajectory discovery in clinical histories of oncological patients; ­ Survival analysis of breast cancer patients; ­ Multinomial logistic regression modelling of breast cancer patients; ­ Interactive visualization of trajectories (tree diagram) and cancer data plotting with the Shiny framework.
Artics Internet SolutionsProject Manager2014 - 2014
Responsible for entire project management of online marketing campaigns for customers going from the intake, execution, reporting to campaign performance measurement and analysis. ­ Coordination with the clients, team members, development teams and technical experts (SEO managers, designers). ­ Systematization of knowledge and data accumulated during the project. ­ Involved in ongoing and long term decision­making for projects.
Artics Internet SolutionsAnalyst2013 - 2013
­ Preparation of custom reports for various clients by analyzing and evaluating KPI’s across major advertising platforms (Google, Yandex, Facebook and etc.). ­ Preparation and execution of contextual advertising. ­ Budget planning for online advertising campaigns. ­ Analysis of the online advertising campaign performance, including keyword analysis for each campaign.
University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris 6Master, Data Mining and Knowledge Management2014 - 2016
During these studies I acquired knowledge on the following fields: Multidimensional Data Analysis, Optimization, Opinion Mining, Data mining, Symbolic learning, Natural language processing, Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Probability and Statistics, Logic and Knowledge representation, Bioinformatics.
Plekhanov Russian University of EconomicsMaster, Applied information science in economics2008 - 2013
During these studies I acquired knowledge on the following fields: Cognitive Business analytics, Cognitive economics, Economic and mathematical methods and modelling, Linear algebra, Elements of fuzzy sets theory, Advanced Databases, Methods and technologies of decision­making, Knowledge management in organizations, Programming.