Mariann Sandbæk
Project Assistant at Ramboll Management Consulting
About me
Ramboll Management Consulting
Project Assistant
2015 - Current
Tusenfryd AS
HR coordinator
2010 - Current
Tusenfryd is an amusement park outside of Oslo, which is open from april to october and have about 470 000 visitors each year. Through my years at Tusenfryd I’ve been through several positions, and gained what I would call a rather special experience in customer service. My main experiences from Tusenfryd would be cooperation abilites, the importance of a good working enviroment and, especially, the ability to be offensive. 2016 - HR coordinator 2015 - Event Manager I've also worked at the event department since 2013. This is a department who works with events outside of the annual opening days. As Event Manager, I have the responsbility to see through that the event goes as planned, and that the employees and that the customers are satisfied. 2014 – Module Manager As manager, I’ve had the responsbility of a branch within the Restaurant department. This includes planning, daily operation and evaluation. Also adapting and training of a shift manager. 2013 – Shift Manager I was shift manager for two branches, in a team of five managers. We had the responsiblity for 35 employees and gained very strong results in both branches. 2012 – Senior Clerk 2011 – Employee and life guard 2010 - Employee