I am a lawyer from the Philippines. My family moved to Stockholm after my husband was locally hired by an IT company.

I am interested to work in areas relating to legal, paralegal, research, executive assistant, administrative or any positions that suits my qualifications.

I have a decade experience in exhaustive investigation, intensive research and drafting of legal documents and court decisions. Most of the cases I handled involved fraud and procurement. I have been keen in analyzing and interpreting large data and laws applicable to the case. 

I am good in personal relations, communication, case and project management, negotiation and mediation. I also have good knowledge and rigid training in the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). I took additional licensure course in insurance and investment. In said role, I was able to handle the different challenges of marketing and sales. 

Presently, I am studying the swedish language at Stockholms intensivsvenska för akademiker (SIFA) under the SFEJ (Intensivsvenska för ekonomer och jurister och andra samhällsvetare) program, SVA Grund3 level, where I believe I am learning the language well. I am likewise fluent in English and Tagalog.

Ombudsman-Visayas, PhilippinesGraft Investigation and Prosecution Officer I & II2008 - 2015
▪ promoted as GIPO II after 3 years of working as GIPO I ▪ reviewed and drafted Decisions relating to graft and corruption ▪ analysed large data relating to public procurement and fraud ▪ conducted preliminary investigation of fraud cases ▪ wrote administrative decisions against erring public officials ▪ undertook case management ▪ awarded as top performer ▪ contributed to the “Zero Backlog Program” of the office ▪ special panel in probing celebrated corruption and fraud cases ▪ researcher in the formulation of office policies and regulations ▪ ​Secretariat and Chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee
▪ ​prepared, reviewed and subscribed contracts and other legal documents
AXAFinancial Advisor2012 - 2013
▪ attended investment, sales and marketing trainings ▪ sold traditional and variable investment linked products
▪ drafted decisions, resolutions and orders on appeal ▪ conducted legal research ▪ designated as Chief of Staff who assisted the administrative matters of the Justice
▪ the same duties as Court Attorney V
▪ the same duties as Court Attorneys IV & V
▪ studies and attends intensive training in Swedish for lawyers, economists and other social scientists in SVA Grund3 level. I am already finished with my SFI (Swedish for Immigrants).
Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines Bachelor of Law(jur kand), Law2001 - 2005
▪ A Bachelor of Law degree, but a Masters Degree equivalent, in the Philippines requires four years of legal studies and the content of the exam is similar to a combination of codification of laws, while the legal system is likened to civil law and from the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court.
Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy, Arts1997 - 2001
▪ A degree requires four years of full-time study and is a preparation for study in the Bachelor of Law. I focused my studies from classical to medieval and contemporary philosophy