About"I am success driven, ambitious results-oriented team player with strong analytical skills utilizing innovative tactics and strategies to get the job done, with a commitment to contributing to the company’s bottom line. \n\nResult-oriented, well structured, positive, open minded, loyal, team worker, work well in fast-track high-pressure setting, service minded, cultural awareness.\n\nSpecialties: Extensive experience within supply chain management\nInternational experience\nExtensive knowledge of SAP function \nI’ve gained good knowledge of value chains in the energy sector and the tasks have required careful attention to details and pro-active approach to both commercial and technical environment. I am structured and analytical and enjoy working in teams but I can also work independently. I am quick to adapt to new challenges and enjoy doing so."
StatoilSenior Analyst Finance and Control MPR CLP FC SOAB – Statoil OTS AB - Sweden (Located in Stavanger)2011 - Current
Responsible for updating and controlling shipping movement for Scandinavia and Europe - monthly reports to the Management by the month end, including task such as; Tasks - Shipping operation ( 80%): •Daily update the SLATE (excel worksheet) according to the IT Trading system SPORT and RATS •Work closely with trading department in CLP (Crude Oil, Liquids and Products) •Make sure the volumes, density, deliveries are booked according to Bill of Lading in SPORT/SAP •Update SAP with deliveries; check that all deliveries in the SLATE have a GR equal to independent report and that all PO’s are registered on the correct supplier •Check price and volumes on invoiced deliveries from Statoil ASA, and compare with calculated prices •Monitoring and reporting on deliveries being invoiced that need to be declared through Customs •Update the SLATE with sales to Statoil ASA and Statoil Refining Denmark, make sure that the sales are booked in SAP •Make sure that all term deals (Gasoline, Diesel, RME, FAME, and Ethanol) are updated and booked in SAP by the month end. •Monitor all Gain/Loss are booked in SAP •Incoming and outgoing invoices for Compulsory Oil Stock Reservation (CSO) Tasks - Deal Handling (20%): Profit and Loss for Sweden (P&L Sweden) •Storage reconciliation and reversal in RATS •Final price for sum lifting deals and SALES profit realization •Strategies - profit realization and inactivate strategies in RATS
Probana Business SchooolMBA - Diplomatic leadership, 2015 - 2016
Diplomatic leadership
Business School of ManagementBachelor in Project Management, 2013 - 2014
Business Economics