I learnt how to do my job the best way as I can
jow to appreciate what I have
About"My name is Kristina, I am 19 years old student studying in Denmark. I am searching for a job, because I need money, if I want to finish my school and also because I have a lot of free time. During my school times, I attended a lot of projects, where I learnt a lot of useful things. I was managing my own project, which was financialy dotated by EU. Also I went through the hygienic course. And intensive course of international marketing. "
Family in LondonBabysitter, cleaning lady2014 - 2014

Languages- French, English, Czech
I attended courses one a half of the year and then I was managing my project, which I had to write by myself and sent to the government, which approved it.
Almen fodevarehygiejne
ZIBAT- NORDPLUS, 2015 - 2015
Intensive course with exam from international marketing