UnacastCo-Founder & COO2014 - Current
Unacast powers the world’s largest network of proximity data, enabling brands and retailers to retarget customers online based on offline behavior. We call this continued engagement. Whilst the media industry is well served with platforms that enable advertisers to retarget customers online using online data (e.g., Criteo, Adroll, Fetchback) this will only ever account for a maximum of 30% of consumers’ total activities. As the remaining 70% is spent offline, retailers and brands today have limited ability to adapt their advertising messaging and media spend accordingly. Based on precise physical location, beacons and proximity technology like NFC, WiFi, QR-codes, are quickly becoming the preferred way for brands and retailers to engage with their customers in-store. Unacast offers the PROX Network to the world´s leading proximity solution providers to collect, segment and serve customer insight by understanding consumers’ collective offline and online behavior anonymously, in real-time. This gives brands and retailers for the first time the possibility to retarget their offline visitors online. In addition to giving proximity solution providers incremental revenue and new product features, ad platforms incremental revenue and new campaign possibilities, and online users more relevant communication and ads. Unacast holds best practice in offline data management and privacy guidelines. We never disclose recognizable customer data and our partners always retain full control over their own data sets.
MashUPNorwayCo-Founder2013 - Current
Stakeholders from the Norwegian music industry have joined forces to build an innovation hub for anyone with a great idea within the music sphere: MashUP. The stakeholders originate from Music Norway, Phonofile, WiMP Music, IKT-Norge and 657 Oslo, and these organisations are all backing the initiative. We believe an initiative from the inside of the music business has a greater chance of succeeding in the long term, and the combined network of the stakeholders touches the entire value chain within music, tech and innovation. In just one year MashUP has proven that we can create innovation from within. The task at hand now is to perfect, expand and open the concept to the world.