Adicio ASTeam Leader2016 - 2017
My first full-time job after graduating University. I worked as a Team Leader for our partner Fjordkraft to expand their Northern Norway market share. I was awarded 2016 best rookie and nominated for best Team Leader. Throughout 2016 and into 2017 me and my sales team brought Fjordkrafts marketshare in Northern Norway to the highest point historically with over 2500 new customers.
VoltSalesman2016 - 2016
Part time position in a clothing store mainly during the summer of 2016 and only a few times a month during the latter part of 2016 due to the fact that I had full-time employment at Adicio.
Net Com / TeliaSalesman2014 - 2016
Part time sales position at Netcom (Telia) during my studies at the University of Tromso
SkarvenBartender2011 - 2015
Part Time bartender at one of the classic restaurants of Tromso called Skarven.
Health 2.0Internship2014 - 2014

Lekter'nServitör2009 - 2011
Digital PostersSales & Marketing2007 - 2008

Sesam.noSelger2006 - 2007

University of TromsöMaster in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship, Economics2014 - 2016
The Master format of focusing on Business Creation and Entrepreneurship was developed at Chalmers University of Gothenburg and later adopted by the University of Tromso. The master focused on a range of different areas of business developement touching on everything from organisation skills, leadership, marketing and patent law.
Universitetet i TromsøBachelor in Leadership, Innovation and Marketing, Economics2011 - 2014
Bachelor with a emphasis on Leadership, Organization, innovation and Marketing.
Uppsala, 2008 - 2008

Rekarnegymnasiet, 2000 - 2003