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I am fascinated by the maritime sector, innovation and technology, especially Blockchain, and driven by challenges and the new possibilities that we might not have seen as available yet - and sharing those away. \n

I discovered Norway through friends. After visiting the country a few times, I have decided to come here to achieve my master degree, to be finished at December of 2017. I have a residence permit for living in Norway, have achieved B1 level in Norwegian (Bokmål) and I have the confidence that Norway is the right place for me. I am currently writing my conclusion thesis, entitled - Blockchain Technology Applied into the Maritime Industry - Possible Applications and Their Consequences in Offshore Supply Chain in Scandinavian Companies. The thesis allowed me to combine my three passions mentioned before and provided me the opportunity to co-write a book chapter on green technologies, which is still ongoing, also to be finished by December 2017. \n

I have developed a Supply Chain expertise through over 5 years of work with inventory management, production, logistics and purchasing in international environments (S&OP, MRP, SAP, CRM). Having worked in the Supply Chain field since 2010, when I began my first internship in the area collaborating for Kraft Foods Latin America, I have handled inventory stock and KPI´s for manufacturing and S&OP process. I also have experience in purchasing, acquired in my internship at Philip Morris Brazil. My longest experience in Supply Chain is in ExxonMobil, where I worked from 2012 to 2015. In my first role, as a Vendor Management Inventory for US customers for the Films Business, I was able to acquire knowledge in the oil industry and in marine imports, as well as qualities that I believe you require, such as analytic skills, along with KPI stewardship and reporting, and determination. I was also able to spend a month in US training new people, which have increased my people skills. My last experience within Exxon was in logistics, in which I have worked as a truck specialist for bulk liquids in Latin America, which provided me the opportunity to develop the skills needed for trouble shooting, persuasion and pressure handling as well. My most recent experience is Supply Chain and Dispatch consulting for a real-time logistics start-up, where I assisted the development of the instant logistics supply chain and platform, in addition to balancing the platform’s capacity (supply and demand). I also supported the company’s further development, product and platform’s upgraded versions and new software testing, especially routes and logistic planning, couriers’ allocation and procedures/KPI’s development. \n

I strongly believe that any work opportunity should provide the possibility to share knowledge in order to achieve high standards and further milestones. 

HSN - University College of Southeast NorwayMaster, Maritime Management2015 - Current
Master Degree in Maritime Management, 2015-2017. Thesis about the application of Blockchain technology on Scandinavian Offshore companies.