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I'm a Web analyst with background in online marketing, communication and copywriting in Finnish. My thing is to work between tech and business, to deal with people in numbers. I like to find relevant information for business and present it understandably. I feel awesome if I can help people – so what can I do for you?

I do my MBA in Knowledge management in Lappeenranta University of Technology. I have left three courses and 30 % of thesis, and after this I'm ready for new challenges. I look also for a new case study company for courses of strategic research, organisation development and HR for January-February 2017.

On my time I dance jazz, do yoga, enjoy outdoors, love genuine people and good food. I like especially bad jokes and good laughs.

Read more or contact me for any kind of inquiries
+35850 5755 598

Genero Digital AgencyWeb Analyst2012 - Current
Web Analyst and Planner 8/2015– Planning website and marketing projects, Analytics set-ups, Automated reporting set-ups, Website and traffic analysis, Optimising websites, Keyword research, Traffic planning, KPI planning, Media planning, Customer research, Concept planning. Head of Paid Media 1/2015–7/2015 Choosing and Optimising Paid Traffic Channels to fit Customer's Strategy: bring as much relevant traffic as possible to reach the goals of the website. KPI planning, Media planning, Reporting and Analysing data, Communicating results with customers, Segmenting, making more targeted Marketing and Communication. Account Manager Online Marketing 1/2013–1/2015 Customer Relationship Management and Project Management in Online Marketing, Analytics, SEM and SEO for E-commerce Customers. Internet Marketing Specialist 3/2012–1/2013 Online Marketing actions, Copywriting, Campaign Planning, Content Optimization, Utilizing and developing Analytics and Reporting, SEA, SEO, Community Management, Content Planning and Facebook Advertising.