An international-profile professional with 13 years of combined experience in project and event management, communications and marketing working for international public and non-profit organizations operating at in the areas of arts, international cooperation, innovation and education.\r

Jose is a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset, and a life-long learning attitude now seeking to contribute his skills, experience and expertise to an organization that is helping to make the world a better place.

INTERFERENCIAS CULTURALESProject Manager and Strategic Consultant2011 - Current
Interferencia Culturales is my (freelance) company to provide project management and strategic consultancy services. Researcher and author | 2015 – 2016 International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts. Conference Manager | Oct 2014 – June 2015 Triple Helix Association. Torino (Italy) and Silicon Valley (EE.UU.). – Coordinated the Triple Helix International Conference XIII at Tsing-hua University in Beijing, China. August 2015. – Prototyped new business models for THA International Conference Series. – Wrote a 40-page guidelines, including the design of a KPI’s set, for THA International Conference Series. – Translated abstracts for THA Journal. Strategy Consultant & Program Designer | 2010 – present Gas Natural Fenosa Museum of Contemporary Art. Coruña, Spain – Designed the Museum’s Strategic Plans for the strategic cycles 2008-2012 and 2012-2016 – Designed and started-up the International and Local Artistic Residencies Programmes, International Mobility Programme, and Arts Promotion in Rural Areas Programme. – Wrote conceptual texts about the museum and its activities. Co-founder & Coordinator | Sep 2010 – Dec 2013 Transibérica Network of Independent Cultural Centres. Spain. – Developed the organisation's vision, mission and strategy. – Engaged stakeholders. – Coordinated the network's Meetings. – Coordinated all communication activities. – Led the mapping project that led to identify around 90 non-governmental cultural centres in Spain and Portugal. – Wrote a winning funding application to help Spanish non-governmental cultural centres internationalize. Project Advisor: Leaders Lab | 2012 – 2014 Trans Europe Halles. Lund, Sweden. Interim Managing Director | Dec 2011 – Mar 2012 Ágora Cultural Centre. City of A Coruña. A Coruña, Spain. Project Manager and Process Leader | Apr 2011 – Dec 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León (MUSAC). Spain. – Designed the award-winning project “Cultura Ficción” to start a grass-roots cultural centre in the city of León. – Managed the project and acted as process leader, including the design and facilitation of community and business model design workshops. –Coordinated a team of cultural managers, arts educators, graphic d designers and website developers. – Involved more than 50 artists and 20 social and cultural organizations in the city. – Negotiated and developed partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, including regional and local public institutions. – Designed the communications strategy of the project and implemented it.
TRANS EUROPE HALLESCommunications Director2016 - Current
TRANS EUROPE HALLES is the European network of non-governmental cultural centres, with more than 90 member organizations in 33 European countries. – Designed and implemented communications and marketing strategies for the organization, its projects and events. – Worked with the networks Board of Directors, other staff and volunteers to develop and maintain the strategic perspective of the organization. – Led the development of brand strategies and graphic profiles for the organization and its projects. – Acted as Communication Manager of two EU-funded projects: Creative Lenses (2015-2019) and Europe Grand Central (2015-2017). – Allocated and monitored marketing and communication budgets of the network and its projects. – Acted as trainer, mentor and strategic consultant of international cultural organizations both within and without the organization, as well as facilitated business model innovation workshops. – Co-wrote winning international funding applications, as well as technical and annual reports. Among them the 4-year project “Factories of Imagination: Investing in Culture Change Makers” (2017-2020) awarded with 1.000.000€ by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme. – Wrote creative and technical briefs for graphic designers and web developers, and coordinated their work for the production of digital and printed products and materials. – Was responsible for creative, editorial and production direction and briefing of visual identities, websites, publications, collaterals, etc. – Developed partnerships. – Led the mapping project that identified 800 non-governmental cultural centres in Europe. – Managed and mentored employees and volunteers.
TRANS EUROPE HALLESNetwork Manager2014 - 2016
TRANS EUROPE HALLES is the European network of non-governmental cultural centres with more than 90 member organizations in 33 European countries. – Contributed to the strategic planning activity of the organization in collaboration with the network’s Secretary General and its Board of Directors. – Designed and coordinated 5 international conferences (150-300 participants each). – Acted as Communication Manager of EU-funded project Engine Room Europe (2010-2014). – Increased communication among members by restructuring internal communication systems and channels. – Restructured the marketing and communications budget to adapt it to financial challenges. – Developed, implemented and monitored systems and procedures necessary for improving internal and external communications. – Started-up two new areas of activity: TEH Academy and TEH Consulting. – Researched business models of European non-governmental cultural centres to inform the report “Creative Business Models: Insights Into the Business Models of Cultural Centres”. – Membership and partners development. Increased the number of members by 22%. Increased the number of prospects (potential members) by 300%. – Designed and implemented marketing and communication strategies / plans for the organization, its projects and events. – Represented the organization as speaker in public events. – Wrote applications and reports for EU-funded projets.
LA SALLE INNOVATION PARK MADRIDAssistant Chief Innovation Officer & International Cooperation Officer2008 - 2011
LA SALLE INNOVATION PARK MADRID | 2008 – 2010 Inspired by the Triple Helix principles, this non-profit foundation was established in 2008 to bring together universities, startup companies and public agencies working in the fields of social and service innovation. As Assistant Chief Innovation Officer | Jul 2008 – Sep 2010 – Assisted the Park’s CIO in researching, developing and testing innovation methodologies to be used with service projects and organizations. – Contributed to the design of the Park’s portfolio of services. – Developed collaborations and partnerships. As International Cooperation Officer | Jul 2008 – Sep 2010 – Co-fundraised for and coordinated two international conferences for the Latin-American Network of Innovation Parks in Peru and Colombia. – Co-fundraised 1.8 million euros for an social innovation project in Canoas, Brazil. – Designed and implemented communications strategies for the projects and events of the International Cooperation department. – Managed the community of the Latin-American Network of Innovation Parks.
– Planned, coordinated and evaluated around 85 cultural and representation events for the diplomatic corps and general audiences, including concerts, film screening, conferences, exhibitions, artistic productions, receptions, publications, etc. – Allocated and monitored the Cultural Department’s budget: 90.000€ per year. – Designed and implemented a shared contact database to be used by all departments at the Embassy. – Marketing and public relations. – Briefed and coordinated the work of graphic designers and website developers to produce printed and digital materials. – Managed and mentored volunteers.
SPANISH AGENCY OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOR DEVELOPMENT | Reporting to Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this agency is in charge of designing, implementing and managing international cooperation projects for development, culture and innovation all around the world. – Taught 9 different subjects in the fields of Linguistics, Literature and Media. – Managed cultural events, educational activities and publications on my own initiative and in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Romania, Instituto Cervantes Bucharest and several art museums in both Spain and Romania.
Established by the Government of Spain, this state agency is the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting Spanish language and culture. – Taught Spanish language.