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I'm João. My work is focused in videography and social media strategy.
Before coming to Stockholm, I was working as a Producer (managing teams and projects about online communication campaigns for big and small brands working with portuguese digital agencies, making sure budgets and deadlines are being respected), Creative Content Creator (crafting pitches, developing ideas, creating appealing visual content for websites, apps, and social media platforms, increasing the engagement of the public on said platforms).

I'm used to work with teams, but I don't have issues with acting independently. My english is fluent, and I speak portuguese on a native level. My spanish is not up to par, but I can easily maintain a conversation.

I'm an avid and fast learner, with no problems to hussle my way through hurdles. Having worked with a small team for big brands, they often had "impossible" demands, but we always made it through.
For specific projects, you can check my Behance:
Other FeaturesCreative Director / Videographer / Producer2014 - 2016
I was responsible to handle incoming projects, draft pitches, coordinating my team to get everything going, meet up and discuss goals with clients / agencies, work on the technical details of said projects, and making sure we kept everything within our budget and agreed deadlines.
FreelanceVideographer / Communication Strategist2012 - 2014
Worked as a freelance after I finished my Masters. Directed short documentary films and coordinated crowdfunding campaings on social media platforms. Eventually started getting requests to film and edit other projects on those crowdfunding platforms, and was even approached to create content for a new platform that dealt with these kind of projects. Started getting into social media communication, delivering content for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.
University of AveiroMaster Degree in Multimedia Communication (Digital Audiovisual Branch), Communication2010 - 2012
Specialized in digital communication and visual content. Made my first documentary, the first one to ever be crowdfunded on a portuguese crowdfunding platform.
Miguel Torga Institute of Higher StudiesEntrepreneurship Communication, Marketing / Communication2007 - 2010
Enrolled in this communication degree, as I was very interested in Marketing and Communication. Social Media was just getting traction. By the end of the degree I was actively searching ways to create tailored content for these online platforms.