600 million people today are without access to electricity. This means that they must obtain information, lighting and communication by other means, such as buying batteries for their radios, using kerosene for lighting and travel far to be able to charge their phones. This is bad for their health, bad for the environment and last but not least expensive for the poor. To create new opportunities for people, we have developed the world’s first off-grid power ecosystem which is a versatile, pocket size, solar chargeable power platform. A power carrier that gives people access to electricity they can use to charge their phones, power light, radios, etc. The power platform can turn people into power producers to gain an income and work their way out of poverty. Pawa Technologies AS is a Moonwalk Tomorrow company, a joint venture between Moonwalk and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) that together created 4 startups to develop new industries for Norway beyond Oil and Gas.
Fimbul Design ASCo-Owner/ Designer2013 - Current
Fimbul Design AS is a design studio in the hart of Oslo, In our design process we tackle both product- and interior design using a non linear design process. We constantly backtrack our progress to ensure success in the end result. Identifying, understanding and solving the basic functional problems are vital to solve the the end users needs both as a consumer product or a floor plan for an office space. We specialise on product, furniture, and interior design, and we believe design can be a positive contribution to any complex problem.