Jeanette Moss Krona
Global Nomad & Explorer (Political Scientist on Paper)
About me

I am a young professional with a background in international relations. The last five years, I have moved around for studies and work and have managed to make a home for myself in five different countries. To me, these last years have taught me that I am capable of "making it work" in an unknown environment with new people, far away from home. I have had to navigate my surroundings from scratch, find new contacts, make friends and reach out to every opportunity that I came across (because opportunities rarely come your way without you looking for them).

To me, chasing opportunities meant pursuing my dream to do a master in France, after having studied French for a year in the south of France. I then spent six month in Vietnam as a trainee at the Norwegian embassy, where I experienced a culture crash for the first time and learnt to work as part of a team to promote human rights within an authoritative regime. My thoughts? With every struggle comes empowerment. I then spent one year in Geneva as an intern with the UN and a NGO working to promote human rights in the Arab countries. Everybody that has ever been an intern knows that such an experience means working hard and late hours for something you believe in. Both of my internships were more or less unpaid, but I still woke up with a purpose every morning, driven by my inner motivation to contribute to a bigger development. 

I believe I have the qualities and motivation needed to be a part of an innovative startup, as this would involve doing what I love and what I do best; taking chances and thinking new. Why choose the safe path when you can lay your own?     

Alkarama Foundation
2015 - 2016
As part of the media department, I communicated the Foundation's work through website and social media, as well as contributed to a smooth internal flow of information.
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
2015 - 2015
I reported from seminars and meetings, developed reporting guidelines and best practices and helped out where it was needed. Did not bring people coffee though.
Norwegian embassy to Vietnam and Laos
2014 - 2015
I managed the website, reported from press conferences and organized a cultural event for civil society stakeholders.
Université de Panthéon-Assas
Master's Degree, Political science
2012 - 2014
International relations, human rights and politics and the media
University of Oslo
Bachelor's Degree, Political science
2008 - 2011
International politics, development studies
University of Queensland
Exchange semester, International relations
2010 - 2010
International relations, politics and the media
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