KadaverIntern2016 - Current
Hired as a content creator primarily to blog on the company website in order to generate sales leads. I quickly adapted to the agencys needs and got involved in other areas. Within the first two weeks I had been doing. ● Blogging on industry relevant subjects ● Concept development - Idea generation ● Branding of the agency itself ● SoMe strategy planning ● Promotion event planning and executing ● Media production which included ● Film shooting ● Editing ● Shooting a series of still photos for animation (stop motion) Among other things I also get involved in. ● Graphical layout of texts ● The list continues ... Overall I could not have asked for a better internship and I learned an immensely amount of things from this place that I will be able to use for years to come.
25 LiveProject Coordinator, Internship2015 - Current
'25 Live' is a returning music event taking place at the wonderful cocktail bar Bar25 located in the heart of Copenhagen. With a total of 9 acts (13 artists) at the time of writing and rapidly increasing, it is a ever changing show, covering various types of music genres and other forms of entertainment. In order to promote the event music videos were shot of every act and the musicians had their recorded tracks mastered by the Copenhagen based company Rootposition Studio. Furthermore as a part of promoting the bar we shot promotional videos of the newly developed cocktail menu. This initiative was based on our insights showing us that the social media content featuring aesthetic stillphotos of cocktails performed really well. Therefore we chose to focus on beautiful shots of the bartenders and the cocktails being mixed and it was well received by the audience reaching more viewers than ever before. The results of our efforts was immediately apparent, the bar increased their revenue on Thursdays and social media activity increased significantly. The increased reach was high in demand as Bar25 is still a relatively newly established bar in the Copenhagen cocktail scene with some big competitors out there. Jannick van Kleef // 27.10.2015