Customer Service
About"I am a motivated professional with comprehensive work experience from Start-ups, Business management and the hospitality industry. The most important part of my work is client satisfaction, delivered in a friendly and professional manner. I am looking for a role whereby I can utilise my natural amicable personality and the technical skills I have already acquired over the years. It is my hope to be a part of a team that is constantly giving me new goals to achieve and new ways to accelerate my career and prove myself. I hope to work with a firm that puts me in direct and constant contact with its customers. I have skills in scientific research, with focus on environmental conservation in the field of Biology and I am adept at understanding human behaviour, with a focus on HR and PR. \n"
The Next Billion Marketing & Community2016 - Current
I was approached by The Next Billion (TNB) to do my internship (a requirement of the Masters program I am enrolled in). Since working for TNB i have been put in charge of one of their initiatives: Access2. This initiative demanded that I build an extensive network both within the Entrepreneur and Innovation community within Oslo. I was in charge of contacting and meeting with a number of influential individuals and spearheaded the Marketing and Promotions of this initiative. My time with TNB has bushed me to build upon my exploitive and innovation skills as I am also tasked with searching out and contacting amazing individuals and start up firms from around the world to join in our Globally Spotted initiative. This role has evolved my networking skills and fine tuned my communications across all channels, be it email, calls or face to face meetings.
TurApp ASIntern & Ambassador2015 - Current
I was asked to join the TurApp team as an intern after showing much interest in what the company was involved in and wanting to help see their vision come to light in Oslo. My main role during this internship has been to contribute to the content of the App by going on hikes and mapping trails and taking imagery. My other job was to develop and update information across all social media channels. After my internship was concluded, I was asked to come on as an Ambassador. This involves contributing content and continuing to promote the company.
I have worked in the hospitality industry since 2004, in Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, private events and functions. Many of these bars I have been there from the beginning deciding on the concept, layout and functionality of the establishments. During this period I have been in many job roles, but the majority of my time has been spent as a General Manager (first in charge), having this position for some of the best restaurants in Sydney. I have learnt a range of skills, from dealing with all levels of customers, their issues and needs, and been involved in the hiring and firing process as well as management of up to 30 staff. I have always received great admiration from all my employers.
Univerity of OsloMaster of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2015 - Current
The Masters program has given me a greater understanding of the innovation processes and how best to go about creating a new venture. I have developed a theoretical and practical understanding of how to create a research- or knowledge-based business idea. With a focus on Start-Up ventures, I have acquired skills in giving effective pitches, presenting concise and informative business and marketing plans, and how to valuate the financial situation of a company, including how to gain financing. An import aspect of my studies has been in innovation management and strategy. With much of my focus being on technology-based industries I have built competencies in: - Assessing, managing, and implementing technological innovations. - Understanding the role of advanced technology in framing corporate strategy as well as the role of technological development in society at large. - Identifying opportunities and possibilities for competitive advantage through innovation. - Understanding how to appropriate value from technologies. - Understanding how to nurture innovative capacity in a firm and how to build a creative organization. Assessing the benefits of cooperative arrangements with other organizations.
Macquarie UniversityBachelor of Psychology, 2012 - 2013
This study had a different orientation to that of my previous degree. The main focus was on human behaviour, with emphasis on personality traits, perception, how the brain works, and developmental psychology. In each of these subjects a high degree of statistical analysis was needed. Numerous case studies were examined in depth – ranging from addicts to various degrees of a child’s development of cognitive skills. This was carried out in research groups and individually. It was also necessary to partake in many psychological research studies both as a subject and a researcher.
University of Technology, SydneyBachelor of Environmental Science, Majoring in Marine Biology, 2005 - 2008
Since completing this degree, I have developed a sound knowledge of how ecosystems function, particularly marine ecosystems and how to properly assess the health of an ecosystem from photosynthesis to the top of the food chain.