About"Entrepreneruial doer"
Hi5 SolutionsFounder2016 - Current
Consulting focused on project management and digital acceleration for startups and MNC´s.
Symposium StockholmExecutive Coordinator2016 - Current
Created by Spotify's Daniel Ek and Ash Pournouri, co-founder of At Night Management. Symposium Stockholm is a week-long thought leadership summit where ideas, fashion, music and tech that will capture the future and the forward-thinking energy of Sweden, as well as examine how the Nordics’ unique cultural and technological success can be translated globally. Guest include: Eric Schmidt, Niklas Zennström, Jimmy Wales, Quincy Jones, Marcus Wallenberg, Antonia Ax:son Johnsson, Jacob de Geer, JR, Julia Hartz, Kara Swisher, Mike Butcher, Mike Shinoda, Matt Bellamy, Ryan Graves, RAC, Ralph Simon, Ronan Farrow, Scott Harrison, Sebastian Knutsson, Sebastian Siemiatkowski among many others. www.symposium.co
Startup GrindProject Manager2016 - Current
Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. We host monthly events in more than 200 cities and 70 countries featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share personal stories and lessons learned on the road to building great companies. I and Jonas Almeling are responsible for the three Startup Grind events happening in Almedalen during the summer of 2016.
Entrepreneurs AcademyMember of the Board2015 - Current
Entrepreneurs Academy is a student organisation that promotes entrepreneurship. We want to create the link between students from University and the start-up community as well as help them to become entrepreneurs. I am responsible for the expansion of Entrepreneurs Academy. So far we have expanded from two to fourteen events, increased the number of members by a factor of ten and added partners and global friends all over the world.
Universal AvenueBrand Ambassador2016 - Current
Universal Avenue is a global sales-as-a-service solution that accelerates the growth of leading online brands through an on-demand direct salesforce that can be activated instantly in any location around the world. Universal Avenue won "Best Newcomer" award at the Nordic Startup Awards in April 2016.
-Nova-Ambassador2015 - Current
Nova 100 is a unique talent network for academic students. The criteria’s for membership include a combination of strong academic qualifications (AQ), social skills (EQ) and business drive (BQ). I´m responsible for planning different events in Uppsala for Nova and Nova Pro members.
Nova 100Member2014 - Current
Nova is an invite-only talent network for academic students initially created to gather the 100 best students in Sweden.