Hey there,

My name is Jakob, awesome that you found your way to my profile! I'm a happy and, hopefully, bright guy who doesn't back away from a challenge. What I haven't learned over my years of education I will quickly pick up when needed. I have an easy time learning new things and I love to improve myself in any way I can.

I first started working as an assisting graphic designer at a startup called Great Beyond, where I could use what I had learned from the graphic communication classes I had taken prior to that. Since then I have moved more and more towards web development and programming, but still always kept my focus on design, since it's there my passion has always been.

A year ago I summoned the courage to go live abroad. I went to California, where I studied at Foothill College for a year. Apart from what I learned from the education itself, it was a journey that really made me grow as a person. Now I'm back home and am pumped to sink my teeth into something new.

My interest for design and web development is as big as my will to learn new things. I like working in a group but am also comfortable on my own. My eye for details is often beneficial in my field of work, but sometimes it can mean that I put a bit too much time and effort on them. To be more efficient when it's needed is something I am constantly striving towards.

I'm glad you read through my summary! Why don't you send me a message if you like what you see on my profile?

Until then, have a great one!

ASFC Design CenterGraphic Designer2016 - 2016
At the college campus where I studied, there was a design center where I got hired during my second quarter. Working there, together with a few other very talented students, we produced flyers, posters, and logos to student organizations and faculty staff members. Most of it was through print (we had a really big, intimidating printer in the office) but sometimes it was also digitally distributed on the website or on social media.
TravellinkFrontend Developer2014 - 2015
At Travellink, I was responsible for parts of the graphical user interface (GUI) on the company's website. It could be layouts for various campaign pages or design changes for the site as a whole. I was working mostly with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Great BeyondAssisting Graphic Designer2013 - 2014
At Great Beyond I helped create banners, posters, flyers and other kinds of advertisement for the company's clients. The work I did was often released through both print as well as digitally, and sometimes also through social media. I also had a few opportunities to create some logos for some of the clients, which you can view in my portfolio above.
Foothill College(No degree), Philosophy, Art, Computer Science and Astronomy2015 - 2016
I spent a year in California, studying a little bit of everything for fun. It was my little adventure. I learned a ton, through meeting different people and through my education. I also learned more about myself. The classes I took were; Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Symbolic logic, Figure drawing, Wheel throwing, Screen printing, Color, Java 1A, Java 1B and Astronomy
Blekinge Institute of TechnologySingle course, SQLite and script based PHP2014 - 2014
A distance course I took while working. It was very interesting, but I can't say I have used any PHP after I took it. Nonetheless, it helped me understand a bit more how programming works, especially using databases.
MediagymnasietGymnasium Diploma, Social Science with emphasis on Media2010 - 2013
It was at this school my passion for art and drawing got channeled into an interest for graphic design and UI/UX. The emphasis on media was just supposed to keep me entertained while I went through my social science and math classes, but it ended up being what I truly wanted to work with. I took three classes in graphic communication and one in 3D modeling. This laid the foundations for my knowledge in this field (the former), and from there most of what I know I have learned through experience.