Izabele Rudaviciute
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I am currently studying at Copenhagen Business School under the International Business programme, with a 12,3 GPA admission level, the highest in Scandinavia. I was the youngest person in my high school to graduate (since I was just 17) and though I was accepted to several universities in my home country Lithuania, I chose a full time job in Barclays (to which I was selected after thorough interview process from many candidates) not just because it is the best employer in Lithuania but also because I wanted to become more mature and responsible when the time came for my studies. Furthermore, possibility to gain practical skills by assisting my mentors in their daily work and by this to create more opportunities for myself in the future sounded highly attractive. I can be happy to tell that I have working experience in a multinational organisation like Barclays which has brought me a lot of knowledge about a real work environment as well as business, communication and banking. After working in Barclays, I realized that I wanted more creativity in my daily working environment, which just strengthened my passion for communication and marketing which led me to study business. Second year after graduation I decided to fulfill one of my dreams to travel the world, developing a better perspective of world and especially myself. I have always been very ambitious, that’s why it was important to me to find new passions and new ideas based on international experience.  I then moved to Cyprus and Ibiza where I was able to improve my English, overcome my fears, broadening my mind culturally, getting to know the local people and country itself, which has helped me to become more independent and responsible in planning my prospective career. Now as my second Bachelor year continues, my only goal now is to find a great workplace and show my full competence, energy and motivation.


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    Copenhagen, Denmark


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