Business Model Innovation
Lean Methodology
Design Thinking
Problem Based learning
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Applied Business Innovation Processes
Innovation Management
Growth Hacking
Social Media Marketing

As a new entrepreneur, I have failed many times and learned from my mistakes. I've clocked four years of grad school and graduated from AAU with a MSc in Technology and Entrepreneurial Engineering , which sums up thousands of working hours and experiments.\n

At the moment, I'm growing an ambitious company which has its vision in improving the online shopping experience one purchase at a time, by keeping an innovative core and growing a community of satisfied shoppers. 


✓ Entrepreneurship \n

✓ Corporate Entrepreneurship, \n

✓ Applied Business Innovation Processes, \n

✓ Business Modelling, \n

✓ Innovation Management, \n

✓ Design Thinking, \n

✓ Applied Creativity,\n

✓ Community Management\n

✓ Project Management\n

✓ Creative Skills Applied to Problem-Solving Solutions \n

✓ Marketing Management\n

✓ Event Planning\n

✓ Principles of Disruptive Innovation\n


I am a strong communicator with great social skills and international experience. \n

Analytical creative with acute business acumen. Driven by a burning desire to make an impact.\n I'm always keen on getting to meet open-minded people, makers, engineers, programmers or any individuals with eye opening ideas.

Oflou LabsCo-founder & CEO2016 - Current
As Co-founder & CEO I am responsible for developing business and growth strategies, develop and review financial and non-financial reports, build trust relationship with key partners and stakeholders as well as maintain a deep knowledge of the markets and industry of the company. In addition, daily operations consists of setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth while establishing policies that promote company culture and vision as well as oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives.
Blue Workforce A/SBusiness Developer Manager2016 - 2016
As Business Development Manager I was responsible for making strategic partnerships, product distributions, monetization, implementing the company’s strategy, creating new business relationships and strengthening existing ones. Exploring new market segments, was also part of the daily workflow. Expanding the customers base reach and increasing the awareness on Blue Workforce’s product by delivering a well-developed plan for organizing a dedicated robotics hackathon, namely, Ragnar Hackathon.
Aalborg UniversityMaster of Science, Entrepreneurial Engineering2014 - 2016
The Entrepreneurial Engineering programme develops a disruptive mindset which enables one to create new, innovate or disrupt business concepts within corporate environments. Intrapreneurship as well as Entrepreneurship and Business development are keys to the global business arena and invaluable skills a business developer should acquire and exert.
University of Politehnica, BucharestBachelor , Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials2010 - 2014
The Science and Engineering of Oxide Materials and Nanomaterials program develops an excellent set of skills and know-how in the fields of ceramics, glass, binders, composites, both in terms of optimization of process parameters the production of such high performance materials, and in terms of their complex characterization.