Hi, I'm Hussain and I run a 10 year old mobile apps company. I help people startup with their ideas and give them technical and marketing mentorship, knowledge & experience sharing.


I am a Mobile Apps & API Architect. I help convert ideas into building next generation APIs & Apps around smart-phones, tablets, and the web. I run an award-winning, multinational company based in Sweden, Australia and India.

Over the past 10 years, I have built a super strong team, focused on high quality API & mobile app solutions across the globe. Together with my team, we've created over 1000+ apps. Proud to have won several prestigious awards from Adobe, GMASA etc. Many of our apps are on top of the store with highest reviews.

I provide highly scalable backend tech solutions which primarily include APIgee, AWS, Usergrid, firebase, layer 7, axway. I help my clients determine which platform, user interface, layouts and the best approach in developing a mobile & enterprise apps.

I'm also well versed with Tibco tools

Strong believer in 'The 15 second app rule' : Impress your users in the first 15 seconds, otherwise be prepared to face criticism.

There are over millions of apps in the store, if your app doesn't make it to the top, it simply gets lost! We have a proven track that almost 80% of the apps we build, rank in the top 100th position. This is not a marketing gimmick, rather a strategically planned and focused high quality app which deserves the right to be in the top 100!

My team has a proven history of world class quality of delivery in a high-pressure production environment. Impeccable communication and experience with multicultural, international teams for global clients across various timezone are our strengths.

Read more about us at:

Teksmobile India: http://teksmobile.in
Teksmobile Sweden: http://teksmobile.se
Teksmobile Australia: http://teksmobile.com.au

How to reach me ?
Say 'Hello' at hussain@teksmobile.se




LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/hussainfakhruddin

Teksmobile CEO/CTO2006 - Current
I help people choose the right technology for their idea. Your Idea, Our Execution!