About"Hard working and ambitious student at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where I study Computer Science"
Micado ASSoftware Engineer2008 - Current
My main task in Micado has been to develop the Kartserver.no service, a web portal for visualizing cable and fibre documentation in a map. I am the responsible for the entire service, which includes front-end (JavaScript with OpenLayers, Backbone.js and Semantic UI), back-end (PHP), server configuration and maintenance (Windows Servers running Apache, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL w/ PostGIS), and other tools that aids data- and workflow (.NET applications and services, Python scripts, and more). In addition to this, I have assisted Micado in improving their other products, TelMe and TelMe Plan, by upgrading VB6 code to VB.NET, adding multi-user and multi-language support, improving overall performance, and enhancing the user interface. Lastly, I've been responsible for the company's web page.