Numerical analysis
Game theory
Competitive strategy
Performance analysis
About"From Rygge. 25. Currently finishing my master's degree at NHH, with a major in business management and performance analysis and minor in finance\n\nInterested in numerical analysis and behavioral economics"
BPOperator at Moss/Rygge Airport2010 - Current
Aviation fuel handling on Moss/Rygge Airport
ForsvaretUB-corporal/troop commander2010 - 2011
Went to UB-Jeger at HVBS at Porsangmoen. Served the last half at Skjold in 2. battalion as a reserve M133 commander and troop commander
Stayhard ASComplaints handler2007 - 2010
Only employee in Norway. Handled primarily returns and reclamations. As the only employee it was a need to be flexible and handle issues as they came up
Gone all 5 years at NHH. Elective subjects at bachelor level in English, Norwegian economic history, law and competition analysis. At the master level I have elective subjects in investment analysis, competition analysis, profitability analysis and corporate finance.
Wang Toppidrett MossGeneral studies, 2007 - 2010
Upper secondary school at Wang Toppidrett Moss. Elective subjects in IT, math and English