About"Growth Marketer, Nudgespot"
NudgespotGrowth Marketer2016 - Current
Nudgespot is an in-app messenger that lets businesses converse with their visitors/customers. Get personal. Scale conversations. Get your team to collaborate & solve queries. Responsibilities : 1. Create, manage and experiment with new user acquisition campaigns. 2. Create and discover new channels and strategies to grow user base. 3. Analyse conversion funnel and identify areas where new strategies can be implemented to increase user acquisition. 4. Work with leadership team to establish growth strategies. 5. Work with media companies and bloggers to develop content partnerships. 6. Create and send out mailers to get the users integrate the product on their website. 7. Create resource videos for product features for setting up demo page. 8. Work with strategic companies for lead list acquisition and product promotion. 9. Set up social media campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook for branding and signups. 10. Competitor traffic analysis and research on back-links. 11. Work on traffic growth and brand development. 12. Analyse the traffic through Google Analytics and work on various channels for vital growth. 13. Work on new landing pages based on requirements. 14. Landing page creation and content development.