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Hi! My name is Gabriel and I am a student at the university of Gothenburg, currently studying my Msc (masters degree) in political science. I come from a home with a lot of political background. At the age of 15-16, I started to pay attention to the political talks my dad and his friends had at home and I soon began to discuss certain hot topics with them. From that point on I became interested in everyday politics - from small municipality issues to the global economy. Today I am fortunate enough to study at the university researching this matters. During my time at the university I have worked with various jobs. I strongly believe in working besides the studies for two main reasons; 1) you gain a lot of experience meating people outside of school and therefore bonding with other to create a stronger network, and 2) you are keeping yourself motivated and focused on your progress when dealing with two (or more) tasks at once. I have for example work as a barista early on during my bachelor degree and during my master's degree I have for example worked as a debt collector at a private company, as a sales person at Lush and as a site responsible at one of Swedens biggest gyms. 

I am also very active in a organisation called Löparakademin which is something I hold very dearly. They operate in targeted areas in Sweden, helping youths stay motivated in life while in the meantime practice running as a learning tool for setting up goals both in life and for the youths own training. Besides this I am currently writing at Upsala Nya Tidning blog site as a political writer along former classmates from Uppsala university. I truly enjoy the experience I get from analyzing politics through this channel. 

Kind regards, 

Gabriel Hamidi 

Uppsala UniversityResearch Assistant2016 - Current
Internship at the Departement of Political science, Uppsala University
Liseberg ABRollercoaster employee2016 - 2016
This summer I have worked as a rollercoaster employee making sure guests were safe during the day. Never were there a day when it was boring working there. Every day brought about different life stories from both guests and co-workers. As a seasonal job, you meet a lot of people from different backgrounds learning new languages and skills. I truly emphasize my stress level skills from this point on for it is stressful working on the rollercoasters making sure little kids are safe - and happy!
Lush Cosmetics SwedenSales representative2015 - 2016
As a seller at Lush you are always on the go, and the customer is always at the center. Lush customers are not just there to shop, but they are also there for the experience, because we at Lush take care of customers with consultations, demonstrations of products and give guidance with tips & tricks, and together with the customer we find the products they absolutely want. We are not just salesmen at Lush - we are the customers friend!
Manpower Sweden ABConsultant2014 - 2015
I think this has been the workplace where my heart has developed the most. This may sound a bit peculiar but there’s a reason. Being a consultant at Manpower, I was appointed a job at a firm called Justitia Sweden AB and there I worked as a debt collector. Since I worked as a debt collector, my job was to aid debtors while also making sure that creditors got their payments. This double-edged job simply opened my mind and heart for people in need. I developed my talent with words and understanding of peoples differences with this job while also learning economical skills and knowledge about common laws regulating peoples daily economy.
Gothenburg universityMaster's degree, Political science2015 - Current
MSc in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg.
Uppsala UniversityBachelor's degree, Political Study2011 - 2014
Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Uppsala University.