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I am many things. I'm a writer and I'm a speaker. I'm a leader and I'm a wise counsel. I'm rational and analytical, and also in touch with my emotions. I can be quick to react, but also stay firmly grounded. I'm a team player, still I focus on improving myself first. I often drift into my own thoughts, but I thrive when I'm able to understand others. I'm exited when I'm sharing my knowledge, but always stay humble and open to be proven wrong. I find working with humans to be the most complex, and most rewarding.


Currently I'm unemployed, and find it kind of exciting. My skills are many, but my latest interest is in working for youth and young adults, preferably with career counseling or project management. Please contact me if you find my background interesting!

JobhuntingPerson of Interest2016 - Current
Looking for job opportunities! Please contact me if you know someone with need of my skills!
Miki Travel ASCoordinator2012 - 2015
At Miki Travel, I have enjoyed a variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to: tour coordination, tour operations, contracting, customer service, marketing, business strategy, emergency support and education of staff. I have made extensive use of my Japanese language skills, and improved it to a Business level. I have basic knowledge of the tourism industry, and know how to create, plan and coordinate tours for both individual tourists and large groups. My primary responsibility was for Meals, where I handled all restaurant bookings for our clients in the entire Scandinavian area. This included managing, negotiating with and contracting restaurants. As part of my extended responsibility, I helped educate new employees and advise them in their daily work. My proudest achievement is to improve my Japanese skills to be fully proficient on a business level. At the end I had responsibility for a turnover of over 20M NOK p.a.
Emergence School of LeadershipModerne prosjektleder, Moderne prosjektledelse2015 - 2016
Emergence School of Leadership educates modern leaders, geared towards creative industries. At ESL I learned about being "a living leader". We were given lectures from a wide range of accomplished professionals, but also got to apply our knowledge in practice through our own student projects. SKILLS GAINED: 1. Project management (project identification, establishing goals, presentational technique, establishing teams, concept development, evaluation and feedback, and more) 2. Personal leadership (willpower, coaching, analysis of personal strenghts and weaknesses, self-evaluation, learning, managing energy,and more) 3. Process leadership (group dynamics, facillitation, managing conflict, creative idea development, change leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, and more) 4. Project context (Understanding the brief, PESTEL analysis, creative strategies, client management, business strategy, Lean startup, Agile, innovation, and more)