Very active person who has been working in different entrepreneurial projects since before I started studying in 2012. The most recent was Otovo, an Oslo based solar company, where I was working in sales. I did this from the very early days of the company, and thus have good experience with building up sales processes, and routines. Both individually, and for teams. I have had many different roles in the different startups I have been involved with. Marketing, building websites, client meetings are some of the areas I frequent. 

The asset I bring to the table is a frightless \"can-do\" attitude, alongside good experience and education from Oxford Brookes University.

Other than that, I am a happy camper, who loves the nature, and outdoors activities. Currently kitesurfing, trekking and backcountry snowboarding are my go-to activities. 

For resume, have a look on my linkedin profile, or at the cv attached:

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