Passionate about making a difference and meeting new people. I am an all-round troubleshooter and have experience in marketing, project management, events, HR, web development, sales, finance and photography. I am the founder of Volmundo.com, a website to discover root volunteer projects around the world and IncredibleGlobe.com

At Incredible Globe, we believe that social change is the key to creating a healthy planet. And that our way of living shouldn’t cost the earth. So we organise events to let you know about environmental challenges and show how to be part of the solution. Our events are social, super fun and highly inspirational. 

Our mission is to host these events all over the world, but we need you to help us do so. By becoming an ambassador of Incredible Globe you can host one of our cool events in your own city. 

We also believe that it is our experiences that inspire us to live sustainably. So, we promote travel experiences which help to improve local communities; protect endangered species and save the environment. As broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough says it best: “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they never have experienced”.