I´m a girl in her 20s who is trying all her best to get as much experience as possible. All my life I was told to link my future with fashion, but somewhere in my brain I wasn`t sure i can be THE designer. The thing is, that you should relate your future with things you love, with things you have passion about. A big mistake people do these days, is choosing salary over the passion. In my opinion, people should enjoy their jobs like a celebration. 
I chose to start my new adult life chapter with \"digital marketing\" studies. I suppose there is a lot of pespectives in this particular course. We live in 21st century that is basically made of networks and social media. Everything we do, everywhere we go is followed by internet. Every company, every brand is addicted of good marketing. But most important - digital marketing. That is why I chose this direction in my life. That is why i´m looking for every possibility to get as much experience as I can get.