I am currently working as a full-stack developer at a finance company that works with advisory and fund management. I have made the market leading tool for investment advice and CRM systems.

My strength is my passion for entrepreneurship, business development and knowledge of the financial industry.

I am also a licensed investment adviser by SwedSec and Insuresec and has been a top seller.

A perfect match for me I believe is a mission in the finance industry with committed staff, a well-developed business model and a lot of passion to succeed.


Cerberus ABCIO, Full Stack Web Developer & Investment Advisor2015 - Current
Cerberus is one of Sweden´s largest independent advisor and provider of insurance and financial products. We help private investors, companies and institutions with financial management. We help our clients to coordinate pensions, investments, savings, insurance, law and tax management. Cerberus was founded in 2005. We have 110 employees and over 17 000 clients. Cerberus have been appointed to; a Gazelle company 2012, one of Swedens best employers 2014 and one of Swedens most attractive employers 2015.
Cerberus ABInvestment Advisor2014 - Current
Cerberus är ett av Sveriges största fristående rådgivningsföretag inom spar- och trygghetslösningar. Vi hjälper privatpersoner, företag och institutioner med finansiell planering. Cerberus grundades 2005. Idag har Cerberus 180 medarbetare och 13 000 klienter. Cerberus utsågs till ett Gasellföretag 2012. Cerberus har tillstånd att bedriva värdepappersrörelse och försäkringsförmedling. Cerberus är anslutet till SwedSec Licensiering AB och står under tillsyn av Finansinspektionen. Innehar följande licenser och diplom: Swedsec Rådgivning Insuresec I - Försäkringsförmedling Liv Insuresec II - Fondandelsförmedling Insuresec III - Avancerad rådgivning Certifierad förmedlare Livförsäkring och placering (Livdiplomet)
Game Music Entertainment ABFounder, CEO2008 - 2014
The company was founded in 2008 by the musicians and gamers David Westerlund and Erik Eklund. Today Game Music Entertainment stands as Sweden’s leading production company within the field of videogame music. Our mission is to offer the ultimate concert experiences for fans of videogames and videogame music. Our strength is our genuine love of videogame culture combined with our backgrounds as professional musicians. We work with the finest orchestras and visual effect crews in the field to create these concerts, and as musicians ourselves we are also part of the performances on stage. We are situated in Stockholm, Sweden, but are active on a global scale.
Stockholm Business School (Stockholm University)Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics, Marketing and Business developing2009 - 2013

SFH FörsäkringshögskolanCertifierad förmedlare livförsäkring & placering, Life Insurance2013 - 2013

Royal College of Music in StockholmMaster of Fine Arts in Church Music, Organ and Piano solist2000 - 2004