I am currently an international studnet, studying Business and Communication, looking to start a full time job as I am about to graduate. 

Although I am currently working in sales, I am passionate about PR and am keen to jump into my field as soon as possible. 


I'm a motivated, dilligent, person and am just as amcomfortable in a team as I am working alone. I speak 3 languages, with English as my mother tongue, and am currently learning a 4th. 

Ideally, I would like to work for a firm with a positive, and motivating, morale in an area which inspires learning and is seeking to grow, just as I am. 




ScoopSales Assistant2016 - Current
As mentioned before, I am currently a sales assistant and am also partially responsible for the general management and upkeep of the shop.
Roskilde University BSc, Business and Communication2013 - Current
I have combined two majors in order to complete a degree in both business studies as well as communication.