Market research
Strategic management
Market innovation
New product development
Data analysis

I am very excited about the opportunity of joining a startup team because I will be able to build upon my extensive technical skills as well as growing my personal skills through various tasks and challenges. Start up position is interesting to me since it requires a good balance between analytical skills and interpersonal skills. As a colleague I can offer my solid understanding of market research gained through my prior work experience in market research and education in marketing as well as psychology, my analytical skills as well as my interpersonal skills which I have been developing through my extracurricular activities. 


My main skills and experiences relevant for start-up job can be summarized as follows:  

- Prior experience working full time as market research specialist
- Solid analytical skills, especially Excel and SPSS
- Good interpersonal, and team work skills
- International mindset


Solid number crunching and analytical skills
As a colleague I will bring relevant work experience from my former job at MMR (Market and Media research). What I bring to the table are great analytical skills which I have developed through my analysis of most major markets in Iceland. I have gained number crunching skills through extensive reporting of multiple research agendas as well as being responsible for setting up research design and managing customer relations and contracts for the company. My successful delivery of appropriate researches and insightful reports for senior management of marketing managers in diverse markets, often under tight deadlines, has given me great confidence and a sense of professionalism which are traits that I hope to develop further.