Eiler Wessel
Director & designer at Claro
About me
I am thinker and a solver. I thrive in the area between the technical and the aesthetical - making them function together I am a designer with an extended technical understanding 25 years experience in: -Product development in wide range of industries -Project management in technical, mechanical and aesthetical disciplines -Oil & Gas Industry involving subsea engineering and construction projects. -3D illustration/visualisation I dont simply think outside the box. I explore all the perspectives of the box.
Director & designer
2003 - Current
Our mission is to clarify and develop your ideas, and visualize them to others, the way you want others to see them. Cross-disiplinary firm in Norway working with product development, engineering and design projects within offshore/marine/industrial, retail, defence, medical, technology. Consultants in offshore engineering. Specialists in 3D design/visualisation, Retail design and -interiors. Our strength lie in broad experience and understanding between fields, and finding intuitive and innovative solutions.
Technip Norge AS
Senior Designer
2002 - 2015
Contracted Engineer, designer. Offshore engineering
Lexter AB
Market Representative Norway
2011 - 2014
Sound design for public spaces
Itero AS
Owner, Project management, Design
2005 - 2012
Firm in Drøbak, Norway, specializing in product development-, engineering- and visualisation services. Experienced team supporting marine/industrial-, defence- and architectural market. Extensive experience in retail interiors, concepts and custom furniture. In-house projects as well as external consulting work. Engineering, product development, design, graphic design, CAD, prototyping, visualisation/animation. Datarespons, Comrod, Technip Offshore, Butikkdesign, Castor, New Store Europe, Norsk Designråd, Scansis, Vestre etc. Member of Design Hub * Norway.
Teknisk Konstruksjonsservice, TKS AS
Project Manager, Engineering/Design
2000 - 2003
Mainly product development and design in contract interiors and architecture, Consultants for marine industry, construction and tele-communications. Typ. clients: Technip Offshore Norway, Aker Kværner, FMC, Kongsberg gruppen, Statoil, Bosvik, Den norske Bank, Hov Dokka, Olav Thon, Grid, Posten Norge, HiA,
Abry Design
Project Manager engineering/3D design
1997 - 2000
Industrial design, graphic design in interior, exterior, technology, marine, medical, retail, communications, sport. Typ. clients: Den norske Bank, Medesign, Kongsberg Ericsson, Nera, Medinnova, Laerdal medical, Rottefella
Asker Engineering AS
Engineering consultant
1994 - 1997
Mainly marine engineering contract work at Kværner Maritime, Kværner Moss Technology, Moss Maritime. Semi-submersible rigs, Sea-launch, conceptual work Sea-base etc. Steel, construction.
DPH Polyteknisk Høyskole
Mechanical Engineer,
1991 - 1994
Mech. Engineering, Business Economics
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    Oslo, Norway


    Project management
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    Product development
    Project management
    Concept development
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    Problem solving
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